The Full Lowdown On Vitamin C Serum

Hello again people. I’ve put the Discovery On blog together in attempt to post useful and insightful content about literally anything and everything. I’m certain this post won’t be for everyone but will definitely appeal to all the health fanatics out there.

Vitamin C Serum is something I’ve always heard about but never really bothered to look into or take seriously. I am very wary when it comes to miracle treatments that are supposed to cure a number of seemingly incurable ailments. In fact I could list off such a huge number of these products that it would make your mind boggle.

The serum was definitely a part of this list until I found a few articles about it online and really engrossed myself with what it has to offer. The main point of this article is to explain to what I learnt.

vitamin c serum

The whole point of the vitamin c is that it helps to increase the production of collagen in your skin. This in turn helps fight ageing and the signs of ageing such as wrinkled skin.
However, one of the main problems of vitamin c is that it can degrade at an extremely quick rate. For example, if the container in which you bought it isn’t air tight, and the serum inevitably gets exposed to air then it will definitely degrade at a rapid rate.

Creating serums that are more stable is tricky business and not to mention extremely costly.
This isn’t to say that some companies have got it right, and have managed to produce a Vitamin C Serum that is effective and affordable at the same time.

To all those that aren’t really into to buying things online, and always prefer to make things themselves whenever it is possible, then you are in luck. To begin you have to get your hands on a particular vitamin c compound called LAA. You’ll be able to buy this in many stores and online for a very small price. All you have to do next is mix this compound with pure or distilled water.

This tends to leave the mixture fairly thin and hard to rub into and apply to your skin. In order to make the solution a bit thicker all you have to do is add something called glycerin. Again, this can be bought very cheaply from many stores you’ll find on your high street. So there you have it. Get cracking!