Wax & Wane

Discovering things is what we do here, and it looks as if I’ve discovered another gem once again. Before I start I’d like to ask you all a question. Do any of you here have a moustache? If your answer to that was a swift no, then I should warn you, this post may not be the most interesting or exciting read.

However, if the answer is yes, then you should definitely stick around. Perhaps you answered no because you are a woman. Despite this, there may be a chance that you have a husband, partner, or boyfriend that does have a moustache. If that is the case then I implore you to grab them from what they are doing and plonk them down in front of your computer screen right now, because what they are about to read will change their lives forever!

wax on moustache

Ok. Enough hype. What do I actually want to talk to you about today? Well the answer, like most things, is in the title. Wax & wane. I’m talking about moustache wax. It truly is the number one accessory for people with moustaches. What’s not to like? All the difficulties that come with having a moustache, from keeping it tidy, to not being able to style the way you like, to it smelly bad after smoking or not showering for a day or two, can all be overcome with the help of a good and proper moustache wax.

The truth is not just any wax will do. you need to find one that meets all the criteria I mentioned above, is professional looking, and most importantly doesn’t cost a fortune (because I have seen some out there that are frankly extortionate!).

Because I’ve taken on a bit of a moustache myself recently, I’ve had the pleasure of doing all this research for you. It took me a while but I eventually found the perfect wax for my moustache, that I believe is the most supreme and best on the market today. So take a look and try it for yourself. You’ll find you and your moustache becoming the best of friends in no time.